Wrap-around Care

Wrap-around Care | Liskeard Hillfort Primary School

We have widened our ‘wrap-around’ care here at Liskeard Hillfort which includes the following:

  • Breakfast Club will begin at 7.30am for those who want it. This is £3.50 per pupil
  • After school provision will run until 6pm

What Do We Hope to Achieve?
We hope to offer a service where all children will be safe, happy and feel cared for. As the provision will be ledc by staff that already work in the school, we think that there will be a real sense of community for all involved. By extending our school day we hope to make life easier for parents who may have a variety of demands on their time.

What Does it Involve?

Led by Mr Borlase, the after-school provision is split into various phases:
3.40pm – 4pm Registration
4pm – 4.30pm ‘Snacks and calm’ period OR ‘Snacks and club’. In this time the children can choose to attend the provision to have a snack and take a breather, or join one of the clubs that we will be running anyway. Mr Borlase will run a sports club every day of the week, and there will be the other usual Hillfort clubs that teachers and teaching assistants run.
4.30pm – 5pm Indoor activity that will include a taught Arts and Craft activity as well as board games, reading and homework support.
5pm – 5:50pm Free choice activity, including access to table football, pool, table tennis etc. In the summer months, this will involve fun team games too such as rounders.
5.50pm – 6.00pm
All tidy!
How Much Does it Cost?

For the afternoon 3:40pm – 6.00pm service, the cost will be £10.
However, if your child attends one of the clubs that we are running anyway, this cost would reduce to £8.