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Hillfort Specific
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 Art & Design Concepts
Children understand that all artwork is created using formal elements of art that can be applied across all 2D and 3D mediums and disciplines. Children generate their own ideas through the creation or original artwork where they are able to explore and record their own feelings, understanding and experience of the world in a way that is unique to them Children study artists, designers and craftspeople to develop their own skills and creativity. Children are introduced to key themes within art and design and provided with opportunities to explore these within their own work.

Art & Design Skills
To be able to practise and apply the formal elements of art with skill using a range of mediums. To use line, shape, tone, colour pattern, texture and form with intention and purpose.

To experience and revisit a range of skills, processes and techniques including, painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, collage, textiles and digital media to develop mastery and understanding. To be able to choose and apply a medium appropriately depending on purpose and intended outcome.

To use sketchbooks to explore their thoughts, feelings, observations and ideas and record how they use, develop and experiment with a range of different media and techniques.

To create art and design for a specific purpose or audience (such as product design, animation, fashion, graphics, game design, or architecture) and be able to identify and articulate the inspiration and purpose of their own artwork.

To study the work of a range of different artists, craftspeople and designers to understand both the formal elements of art but also how art has developed throughout history through the development of techniques, styles and different art movements.

To be able to identify similarities and differences between their own and others’ work.

To be able to reflect upon, analyse and evaluate their own art work and the work of others, and be able to articulate how they could change and improve their own work based on the feedback of others.

To develop subject vocabulary specific to art and design. To develop a wider vocabulary thought the process or art and design.

Progression Map from EYFS to Year 6