Hillfort Specific
Books that reflect diverse culture which our children may not be exposed to otherwise including books linked to BAME, age, disability, religion, marriage, difference and LGBTQ+ (including illustrations which reflect children from a variety of backgrounds and cultures).
Books that extend tier 2 vocabulary and seek to close the disadvantaged gap. Some of our children will not have grown up in a book rich home and may not know the stories that might be expected for their age.
Books that elicit a response (curiosity, anger, excitement, laughter, empathy) and provide opportunities for purposeful back and forth talk – oracy.
Books that reflect children’s Cornish roots and others that extend children’s horizons beyond the UK.
Books chosen from the best of what has been – including class and contemporary books – especially award winners and stories by Children’s Laureates.
All schools
Books that extend subject specific vocabulary – especially linked to what children are learning about – including some non-fiction books.
Books that have a strong engaging narrative that will sustain multiple readings.
Books that have rhymes, repetitive phrases etc. which will promote an early love of language.
Books that support children’s learning by providing tacit background knowledge of settings and characters used in RWI books.
Books that provide a diverse range of settings, characters and story types – especially around the topics not explicitly taught which will support children in their future learning (E.g. stories which reflect history, PSHE, RE etc.)

Key – Protected Categories

  • Brown – Age
  • Yellow – Multicultural Tales/Religion
  • Light Blue – LGBTQ+/Gender Reassignment
  • Dark Green – Marriage
  • Grey – BAME
  • Orange – Difference
  • Red – Disability
  • Dark Blue – Cornish
Other Important Categories

  • Purple – Traditional Tales
  • Green – Non Fiction
  • Pink – Poetry