Our behaviour policy is firmly based on warm, positive, trusting human relationships. We have high expectations for children to behave well and they are praised and rewarded when they do.  We work within the Behaviour guidelines as set down by the Department for Education, at Behaviour in Schools - Advice for headteachers and school staff Feb 2024 (

For positive behaviour, children earn ‘Class Dojo’ points in class for contributing in a positive fashion. Children earn one ‘dojo’ for demonstrating one of the school values or for completing an excellent standard of classwork or homework. The ‘Class Dojo’ points are only accessible in school and we encourage the children to tell parents/carers how many dojos they have achieved. When the children have achieved 100 dojos, they receive a Bronze certificate; for 200 dojos, they receive a Silver certificate and for 300 dojos, they receive a Gold certificate.

Also, each class works towards earning Class points every week. At the end of each week, if the class has achieved 35 class points or more, they have 15 minutes of Golden Time. (This is added up each week over each half-term and the class has the Golden Time just before the end of each half-term.)

In the classroom, we hope that our lessons are engaging in an atmosphere of trust. This is designed to encourage optimum learning and this is the reason we are an ‘Ambassador’ school for The Thrive Approach. An integral aspect of this is that firm, clear boundaries are made clear to all children. When boundaries are overstepped, a series of steps are put in place. Children will receive warnings, time outs to ‘re-set’ and time with an appropriate adult. We actively work with parents and carers in order to ensure that excellent behaviour is the norm!