Science Overview

Mrs E Tandy

Science Lead

At Hillfort, we strongly believe that the learning opportunities we provide for our pupils must be meaningful. For this reason, we strive to deliver a science curriculum that is not only progressive in nature; building step-by-step upon firm foundations of prior knowledge, but that also provides our pupils with an understanding of its context in relation to the wider world.

We believe that as well as developing a strong scientific body of knowledge, it is equally important for our children to develop other aspects of their ‘science capital’. We particularly understand the importance of ‘tacit knowledge’ and for this reason, base our curriculum on the belief that learning should be practical and ‘first hand’ whenever it is possible for it to be so.

In order to nurture future scientists, we know that our children must be allowed to develop the attributes required for them to succeed. These attributes are reflected by our school values: challenge, aspiration, resilience, courage and kindness. Through our science curriculum, we endeavour to send pupils forward on their education journey, with the enthusiasm and tools required to follow a career in science.

Key Concepts and Skills with Progression Map

Sample Medium Term Plan Y4