Given the potential cultural isolation of Cornwall, we are dedicated to ensuring children are educated around all Protected Characteristics. As part of this, we made a conscious decision to ensure year wide coverage of these characteristics throughout the curriculum rather than taking the approach of celebration months/weeks for particular areas. As part of this, the following information shows the coverage of the curriculum for all of these characteristics, throughout the year, for all areas of learning.

Protected Characteristics 2021-2022
Classroom texts;

– Look Up: Nathan Byron
– You Are Welcome: Alexandra Penfold
– Coming to England: Floella Benjamin
– The Proudest Blue: Abtihaj Muhammed
– Shine: Sarah Asuquo
– Freedom We Sing: Amyra Leon.

Sexual Orientation/Gender:
– My Princess Boy: Suzanne DeSimone
– Fabulous Frankie: Simon James Green
– The Great Big Book of Families: May Hoffman
– Julian is a Mermaid: Jessica Love
– Pirate Mums: Jodie Lancet-Grant
– Uncle Bobby’s Wedding: Sarah Brannen
– Jacob’s New Dress: Sarah Hoffman.

– The Too Tall Giraffe: Christine Maier
– Its Ok to be Different: Todd Parr
– Okapi Loves his Zebra Pants: Terri Tatchell
– The Girls: Lauren Ace
– The Boys: Lauren Ace.

– What Happened to You?: James Catchpole
– Amazing: Steve Antony.