Geography Overview

Miss C Colwell

Geography Lead

Mr T Gray

Co - Geography Lead

A geographer’s journey begins long before children first pass through our doors and will continue long after they leave. At Hillfort, children acquire geographical knowledge and skills as well as developing a curiosity and fascination about the world and the people within it. We want our children to think and see the world like a geographer.

We believe that our pupils deserve to understand where and why things happen and appreciate the impact human and physical processes have on our world, our lives and the lives of others. We want our children to be able to provoke and provide questions and answers about the world they live in and the people who share it with them. Children at Hillfort will be knowledgeable and empathetic geographers.

Our geography curriculum is rooted in children having secure knowledge of our world, both human and physical, both near and far, both then and now. This knowledge is embedded through recap and revisiting to ensure children move towards automaticity. Alongside acquiring knowledge, children will develop skills which they will deliberately practise to ensure independence – including map and atlas skills, fieldwork skills, as well as developing the communication skills of a geographer.

Starting in EYFS and building step-by-step to Year 6, having secure geographical knowledge and skills will enable Hillfort children to go to secondary school already confident in the key areas of geography. But more than this, it will inspire them to reflect on the ramifications of today on theirs and others tomorrows and, maybe try to solve, rather than add to, some of the problems facing the world’s population.

Progression Map from EYFS to Year 6

Sample Medium Term Plan Y3