Long Term Planning

Hillfort Specific
Cultural Isolation
Children at Hillfort may not be as familiar with different cultures as more multicultural locations.
Economic Isolation
Children at Hillfort may not have experienced some of the most current up to date technology that children in more cosmopolitan areas have.
Closing the vocabulary gap
There is a vocabulary gap at Hillfort that is being addressed. Children need to understand the words that they are using.
Oracy and articulating own opinions
Children at Hillfort need to practice articulating and justifying their own opinions and thoughts.
Design Technology Concepts
Creative, technical and practical expertise
Children need to perform everyday tasks confidently and participate successfully in an ever increasing technological world.
Build and apply
Children need technological knowledge, understanding and skills to create high-quality prototypes and products.
Critique, evaluate and test
Children need to be able to test theirs, and others, ideas and products.
Principles of nutrition
Children need to understand and apply the principles of nutrition and learn how to cook.
Consequence and impact
Children need to understand how technology has changed our lives and that people lived before there was the technology that they use today.
Design Technology Skills
Designing Skills;

Understanding contexts, users and purposes
Children will use design criteria completing background research to support them where appropriate. They will be able to describe features of their work, who their work is designed for and how it works.

Generating, developing, modelling and communicating ideas
Children will generate ideas based on their own experiences, needs of the user and research.

Making Skills;

Children will be able to order the stages of making, select appropriate tools and equipment and explain their choices.

Practical skills and techniques
Children will use a wide range of equipment and materials to help them: measure, mark out, cut, shape, assemble, join, combine and finish with increasing accuracy.
Evaluating Skills;

Own ideas and products
Children will evaluate their own ideas and products against their design criteria.

Existing products
Children will investigate how well existing products have been designed and made and whether they are fit for purpose.
Key events and individuals
In KS2, children will know about inventors, designers, engineers, chefs and manufacturers who have developed ground-breaking products.
Technical Knowledge;

Making products work
Children will know that materials are chosen because of their functional and aesthetic qualities. They will be able to use the correct technical vocabulary.
Cooking and Nutrition;

Where food comes from
Children will know that food is grown, reared and caught in the UK, Europe and the wider world. They will know that seasons can affect the availability of food.

Food preparation, cooking and nutrition
Children will know how to prepare a variety of dishes and that food and drink are needed to provide energy for the body.

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