Design & Technology Overview

Mrs B Kirk

DT Lead

At Liskeard Hillfort, we recognise the huge impact that creators and designers have upon our lives. We think it is hugely important that our children understand the process of designing and creating as well as having the skills to be able to design, create and evaluate themselves.

So often, children are directed to make a specific item with the whole class making exactly the same thing. Not at Hillfort! Whilst our children will go through the same skills training and design process, their finished products will be their own. We believe that in our ever-changing world, creativity and problem-solving is at the forefront of every CEO’s interview checklist. When studying design and technology at Hillfort, we hope to ignite the creative spark in each child!

As well as fostering creativity, our Design and Technology curriculum ensures that children learn and practise the key skills needed for successful production. This includes the skills of:

  • sewing e.g. threading a needle, starting off and finishing, different stitches;
  • cooking e.g. peeling, chopping, grating, mixing, blending, baking, boiling, nutrition;
  • cutting, shaping and attaching e.g. selecting cutting tools, using tabs, different gluing methods;
  • linking e.g. cams, pulleys;
  • strengthening e.g. choice of material, strengthening, stiffening, reinforcing.
  • In addition to acquiring these tangible skills, we aim to develop children’s resilience and problem solving – the building blocks for success. Self-reflectiveness, collaboration, focus, imagination and inspiration are not optional skills; they are fundamental to success.

We cannot imagine the advances in technology the children at Liskeard Hillfort with live through in their lives. However, we can provide them with the skills and attributes that they need to triumph.