Key Concepts and Skills

Hillfort Specific
Embody the school’s values
Kindness, resilience, challenge, courage, aspiration
Cultural Isolation
Embracing multiculturalism and fighting the corrosive effects of intolerance.
Closing the vocabulary gap
Plan for reading to improve tier 2 words
RE Concepts
Beliefs and Teachings How beliefs are expressed
Books, scriptures, symbols, art, readings
Context: Rituals, Ceremonies and Lifestyles.
What do I do day to day? What do I do some days?
What do I do on special days?
Religious Concepts such as…, worship, religious values, belonging, interdependence. Abstract Religious Terms. …
E.g. salvation, disobey, forgiveness,
Table 1 and 2 transcendence, tradition, identity, commitment, suffering, and morality.
RE Skills
Making Sense of Beliefs Understanding the Impact Making Connections
Table 1: Vocabulary related to concepts
Key Concept Including:
Transcendence god(s) deity providence supernatural mystery creation destiny purposes revelation
Belief faith knowledge experience trust doubt quest searching orthodox liberal soul spirit morality wonder awe imminence sacred reverence respect
Worship meditation prayer ceremony festival praise communication worth reverence priesthood ministry ritual commitment
Tradition scripture orthodox liberal festival symbol language law custom responsibility congregation sharing belonging inclusion exclusion community identity discipleship authority accountability inspiration enlightenment
Morality ethics law rules respect tolerance right wrong good evil.
The Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils.
Key Concept: Including:
Commitment Purpose dedication discipleship motivation guidance authority
Suffering evil purpose revelation martyrdom
Identity origin purpose destiny freedom spirituality
Interdependence justice friendship family love value belonging participation sharing
  1. NB. Where some words appear in more than one cluster it is because the difference between concepts is sometimes not clear cut or because the words mean different things in different contexts.