History Overview

Mrs K Eyre

History Lead

At Liskeard Hillfort we are passionate historians. We believe that studying history is vital in developing a better understanding of the world. Knowing how society, technology and government worked in the past helps us to understand it now. History also helps us to develop a sense of self and understand how our personal stories fit in to the narrative of history. That is to say, where do we all fit into the big picture! It also helps us to understand and develop a greater appreciation of other cultures and the influence they have had on our lives today.

When we study history at Hillfort, we seek to understand change, questioning why things changed, how they changed and the consequence of those changes. This will make our children better decision makers: those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it. We also show our children the importance of the individual: how one person stood up for what they believed in or worked hard to make their dreams come true.

We aim to inspire our children and facilitate awe and wonder (and sometimes shock and despair) as we investigate the achievements and follies of humankind.

When children leave Hillfort, they will have:

  • a chronologically secure understanding of Britain to 1066;
  • an understanding of the key events in the struggle for power between the monarchy, the government and the church from the absolute monarchy of William I to the constitutional monarchy of Elizabeth today;
  • an overview of how our justice system has changed over time, including how our rights as citizens have changed and what our rights are today;
  • an understanding of local history, both of Liskeard and of Cornwall;
  • an appreciation of ancient cultures: Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Baghdad;
  • a suite of historical skills including an understanding of how we know what we know and how certain we can be.

Progression Map from EYFS to Year 6

Sample Medium Term Plan Y5 – Ancient Greeks