Key Concepts and Key Skills

Hillfort Specific
Embody the school’s values
Kindness, resilience, challenge, courage, aspiration.
Cultural isolation
Embracing multiculturalism and fighting the corrosive effects of intolerance.
Closing the vocabulary gap
Plan for reading to improve tier 2 words.
Historical Concepts
Chronology and time
When and for how long?
Context: Local – National – Global Where – was it the same everywhere?
What else was happening at the time? What was it like at that time?
How do we know? How sure can we be?
Historical concepts such as… continuity and change;
cause and consequence;
similarity, difference
is it significant.
Understand abstract historical terms (Note 1)
Eg Empire, Civilisation, Parliament.
Historical Skills – enquiry
Using sources
Think critically: Weigh evidence, sift arguments,
Interpreting the past
Make connections
Draw contrasts develop perspective and judgement, understand the complexity of people’s lives analyse trends, frame historically-valid questions
Organisation and communication
Create their own structured accounts, including written narratives and analyses
Understand historical task words (Note 2)