Curriculum Maps

Year 1
3 lessons Getting to know you.
Likes and dislikes.
Similarities and differences.
Introduce school values, positive behaviours, why they are important.
Create classroom rules.
4 lessons We all have feelings.
Good and not so good feelings.
3 lessons RSE – Growing and caring for ourselves. (3 lessons to be taught in the same week)
4 lessons People who care for us.
Every child a life saver: emergencies calling for help.
6 lessons Commando Joe – Steve Backshall.
School values.
2 lessons Medicines and me.
2 lessons Bereavement
2 lessons NSPCC workshop and time to revisit.
4 lessons We are all special and unique.
Prepare and present an anti-bullying assembly.
3 lessons Online safety – watching videos.
Year 2
3 lessons Our class and our rules.
Welcome back to school.
Introduce school values, positive behaviours, why they are important and how they link to school and classroom rules.
4 lessons Respecting uniqueness.
7 lessons RSE – Differences: Boys and girls. (3 lessons all to be taught in the same week)
Big feelings.
Keeping our teeth clean.
Washing our hands.
4 lessons Communities.
Keep Britain tidy and litter picking.
Looking after our school.
Prepare and present a litter picking assembly.
7 lessons Commando Joe – Pocahontas.
School values.
6 lessons Sun and Sea safety.
RNLI assembly and follow up work.
Every child a life saver: emergencies calling for help.
2 lessons NSPCC workshop and time to revisit.
3 lessons Learning about work and different jobs and careers.
3 lessons Online safety – sharing images, sharing personal information and negatives of being online.
Year 3
3 lessons Our Class.
Welcome back to school.
Introduce school values and positive behaviours.
10 lessons Looking myself – physical and mental wellbeing.
Every child a life saver: emergencies calling for help and kindness and coping.
RSE – Valuing difference and keeping safe.
8 lessons Commando Joe – Ed Stafford.
School values.
4 lessons World of work.
Spending and saving money.
6 lessons Road safety.
Fire service visit.
Prepare and present a fire and road safety assembly.
3 lessons Everyday drugs.
4 lessons Everyday feelings.
Expressing feelings.
3 lessons Respect.
Being a good friend and respecting others.
Year 4
3 lessons Rules.
Welcome back to school.
Why do we have rules?
Create a set of class rules.
4 lessons Respectful relationships.
Relationships and the law.
6 lessons RSE – Growing up.
Everyday safety and basic first aid, asthma and burns.
8 lessons Commando Joe – Nellie Bly
School values.
6 lessons Why do we have rules?
What are human rights?
What is a citizen?
6 lessons Healthy me – physical and mental wellbeing, nutrition, healthy eating, balanced lifestyle etc.
The importance of turning off devices.
Prepare and present an assembly on how to look after yourself – in body and in mind.
3 lessons Online safety – keeping personal information safe and being respectful of others.
3 lessons Challenging stereotypes
Year 5
3 lessons Qualities of a good classmate.
Welcome back to school.
Solutions to common classroom and playground problems.
Qualities of a good classmate.
8 lessons Commando Joe – Bear Grylls.
School values.
8 lessons RSE – Puberty.
The NHS.
What is an illness?
Why do we need medicine and vaccines?
Keeping well.
2 lessons What is bereavement?
6 lessons Be who you want to be!
4 lessons Legal and illegal drugs.
Dilemmas and decision making.
6 lessons Migration.
Cultural diversity in the UK.
3 lessons Online safety – Content – Is it safe? Is it trustworthy?
Contact – Is it safe?
Keeping personal information safe and where to go for help.
Year 6
3 lessons Identity.
A sense of identity.
8 lessons Commando Joe – Nancy Wake.
School values.
12 lessons Keeping safe.
Healthy/unhealthy relationships.
Keeping our bodies safe.
RSE – Puberty and reproduction. FGM.
County lines.
Every child a life saver – basic life support, bleeding, choking and head injuries.
Prepare and present an assembly on basic first aid and what to do in an emergency.
6 lessons What is democracy? – how citizens can influence decision-making through the democratic process.
The role of central government.
-The role of local government
-What happens in Parliament
-How they can participate in our democracy?
What does the rule of law mean?
How laws are made?
2 lessons Spending decisions.
4 lessons Embrace diversity!
Hate crime
2 lessons Homelessness
2 lessons Climate change
4 lessons Mental health and keeping well.
Managing challenges and change.
Transition to secondary school.