French Overview

Mrs V Harper

French Lead

At Hillfort we want our children to be outward looking. Although we are very proud of our Cornish and British heritage, we want our children to be proud members of the global community. And where better to start than by learning the language of our closest friends – the French!

Once children start in Key Stage 2, children will be taught to express thoughts and ideas, to communicate for real and practical situations, and to even read extracts from admired French literature.

We follow the ‘Rising Stars’ Euro Stars French programme throughout Key Stage 2. This programme offers French teaching in areas such as how to describe yourself and your hobbies; how to sing in French, and even how to participate in French celebrations!

Throughout lessons, children will listen to the French language, learn how to speak and how to write in French, and how to read French for understanding. A Hillfort, nous parlons francais!