Key Concepts & Key Skills

Hillfort Specific
Embody the school’s values
Cultural Isolation
Embracing Multiculturalism
fighting the corrosive
effects of intolerance.
Healthy Children

Setting the foundations
for health and wellbeing
to ensure that our
children have the very
best start in life.
Cornish Roots

Exploiting opportunities to
encourage our children to
take pride in their Cornish
roots and develop a sense
of Cornish identity.
Closing the
Vocabulary Gap

Plan for reading to improve tier 2 vocabulary.
 Reading Concepts
Seek understanding from what is read. Reading for pleasure Reading for information Reading for personal growth
Reading Skills
Decoding and fluency   Retrieval  Vocabulary – use and explain Inference
Summarising and sequencing Predicting Make comparisons within the text Explain how content is related and contributes to meaning as a whole Explain how meaning is enhanced through choice of words

Progression Map in Reading Concepts and Reading Skills EYFS – Y6

Core nursery rhymes and songs for KS1