The benefits of your child reading to you

Reading stories to children

Your child will bring home two types of books. One type is the RWI books for your child to read to you. These books have been carefully chosen so that they can work out all the words. The paper book is the book they are reading in class at the moment – this book should be quite familiar to them but there will still be challenging words to decode. Make sure you check out the red words and the story green words before you start reading. Children will also bring home the corresponding book bag book. This has the same sounds as their paper book but it will be less familiar and so, a little more challenging. They will also bring home a book bag book of a previous colour. This is to help children practise their fluency and expression, as they shouldn’t have too much trouble with the decoding.

As well as RWI books, children will also bring home a ‘Bedtime Story’ book. (It will have a sticker on the front cover). This book or magazine has words your child may not be able to read yet. It is for you to read to your child and talk about together. Bedtime Story books don’t just have to be read at bedtime and they can be changed as often as your child likes.