Hillfort Newsletter

3rd December 2021

Dear Families,

I hope that you all are well.

As we turn into December and all that Advent brings, we are looking forward to our performances at St Martin’s Church next week. Although we are all frustrated that our performances have had to go onto a virtual basis, in the light of the new covid strain and the associated isolation rules for close contacts, it is the most sensible thing to do. Amidst other schools shutting year groups etc due to lack of staff, it would be awful to close parts of the school because high numbers of staff suddenly have to isolate. It’s not something that we do lightly, and I’m genuinely sorry for any disappointment.

I look forward to ‘seeing’ you all online next week at the various performances in St Martin’s Church.

Have a lovely weekend!

If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at tcook@hillfort.org.uk

    Word Millionaires

    I would like to offer a huge congratulations to two of our older learners. A massive well done to both Fred S and Jacob H who have become “Word Millionaires” on ‘Accelerated Reader’. They have read voraciously, and we applaud them for that! Well done Fred and Jacob!


    As we are in the winter months, it is understandable that attendance dips with all of the bugs that can go around a primary school. Ignoring covid absence, I am mindful about recent attendance trends. Over the last few weeks we’ve seen something of a drop in attendance. I’m sure that this will soon pick up again, but please do lean towards sending children into school on those days when its 50/50! We will always ring you if your child is unwell and needs to be sent home. We have also seen an increase in children arriving late to school in the mornings. Please note that the gates open at 8:45 and close at 8:55 and therefore children must be in school before the gate closes. Your support with this is much appreciated.

    Late for Pick Up

    I also wanted to raise parents’ awareness to a slightly different arrangement in terms of picking up children – when parents/carers are late. If the adult is more than five minutes late for pick up (i.e. after 3.45pm), children will be taken to Mr Last’s classroom. This is the classroom immediately next to the front reception area. One of the Headship team will be looking after the children rather than teachers having to hang around. Efforts to avoid lateness are greatly appreciated, not least because it can be quite distressing for a child to see all of their friends go home but they’re left as the last one. In advance, thank you for this.

    Safer Internet

    Just a reminder around the excellent website that is https://saferinternet.org.uk. This is a really helpful website for helping you to keep your homes and your children safe online. There is lots of advice generally – including 4 tips for how to buy tech for Christmas presents.

    Chosen Charities

    Our Student Councillors from Key Stage 2 have decided which charities they are going to raise money for this year. In addition to the one off events, e.g. Pudsey, we will be donating to: Cornish charity: Shelterbox / National charity: NSPCC / Global charity: World Wildlife Fund for Nature


    Dates for your Diary

    Stars of the Week

    Parents and carers can support and aknowledge children’s emerging values and morals and individual ways of doing things. Parents can teach children the significance of rules and regulations and support them to develop their negotiation skills. Children enjoy sharing their options and using their skills.

    Here are some activities to support social and emotional development at through the arts, play and creativity.

    • Create a picture of your safe space using anything you can find.
    • Using only a newspaper and Sellotape, see what you can create. Send us a photo of your creation on social media.
    • Pretend you are on Gogglebox – critique a programme.
    • Do some star breathing exercises.
    • Doodle on a piece of paper and then see what you can make out of your doodles.
    • Make a picture of all the things you are grateful for.

    Top Tips:

    • Draw up a routine of what you are doing and when.
    • Keep cardboard boxes or clean recycling objects to use for arts later.
    • The emphasis is to be alongside and have fun, even if they do not win the game or things don’t quite go to plan.

    Great Game!

    After many years, Hillfort has entered a new football team into the South East Cornwall schools mini league and cup competition. On Friday afternoon, the Hillfort football team played their first match against a very strong and established team from Burraton Primary School in Saltash. Burraton’s match experience gave them a slight advantage so came out as deserved winners but our team played some really good football and battled hard throughout the match. As this was the first time we had played together as a team, and the weather was terrible, it was a brilliant performance. The children really enjoyed representing Hillfort and can’t wait for the next match. Well done everyone! Thank you also to all of the parents who braved the weather to support the team!

    EYFS Welcome Video

    The Time2Move programme is being delivered by Active Cornwall in partnership with Cornwall Council and is funded by the government Holiday Activities and Food Programme, which funds local authorities to provide FREE holiday club provision, including healthy food and enriching activities, to children eligible for benefits-related Free School Meals.

    The Christmas programme is open to all children and young people aged 5 to 16 and activities will mainly take place from Monday 20th to Thursday 23rd December. All children are welcome to attend and it is completely FREE to children on benefits-related Free School Meals. All activities can be booked on the programme website at www.activecornwall.org/T2MHolidayCamps.

    Please find attached to this email a letter introducing the Christmas programme and explaining how eligible families can obtain their child’s unique code which they will need in order to access their free place.

    If you have any queries relating to the Time2Move programme, please visit the Active Cornwall web link above in the first instance.