Hillfort Newsletter

20th May 2022

Dear Families,

I hope that you’re well!

A huge thanks first of all to all of those involved in Year 3 – for both those involved in the trip and those who participated in the amazing activities that we had in school.  I know there will have been some experiences that last a lifetime, and I’m personally looking forward to joining Year 4 for a trip straight after half term!  Its lovely to be getting back to a more normal school lifestyle, and residentials certainly form part of that!

Also, a huge well done to all of those children and staff in Year 2 who participated in their SATS tests over the last week.  They tell us something about academic performance, but we know so much more about their creative, wonderful and happy sides from just being in school.  Tests are a part of life and our children acquitted themselves well, but they’re only part of the jigsaw.

I wonder if I could prompt again on the book amnesty – any books hiding under beds or blankets…please could we have them back?!

A reminder: our ‘Jubilee Day’ is on Friday 27th May – so it’s a four day week next week.

I do wish you all a lovely weekend!

Kind regards,
Tim Cook

Year 4 Icon

Paignton Zoo

Our Year 4 pupils had a lovely trip to Paignton Zoo last Friday and enjoyed meeting and learning more about all the animals they shelter. The sun even came out, allowing us all to enjoy lunch in the sunshine with the peacocks. More photos can be seen on our Facebook page.

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Residential: Carnyorth

The residentials have got off to a fantastic start with Year 3 visiting Carnyorth. Lots of fun has been had over the past week, learning and visiting the mines around Penzance, toasting marshmallows, doing archery, using the climbing wall and lots more exciting activities. It’s been an absolute pleasure spending some quality time with our Year 3’s and hopefully we have made memories that will last a lifetime! Due to the late return, all pictures will uploaded to our school website on Monday.

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Teddy Bear Picnic

Some teddy bears had a really lovely day with their children. Our Reception pupils made their very own sandwiches and chocolate rice crispy cakes and sat down today to enjoy a picnic with their teddy bears.


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Guinea-Pig Arrival

Our guinea-pigs have arrived and are already soaking up the cuddles. Welcome to Hillfort!