Anti Bullying Policy 2021
Attendance Policy 2020/21
Behaviour Policy 2020/21
Charging and Remissions Policy 2020-2021
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 2020-2021
Covid Annex – Temporary Policy Addendum 2021
Equality and Diversity Policy 2017-2021
Relationships and Sex Education Policy 2020-2021
TPAT Accessibility Plan 2020
TPAT Admission Arrangements 2022-2023
TPAT Complaints Guidance for Staff, Governors and Clerks 2020
TPAT Complaints Policy 2021
TPAT Data Protection Policy 2021-2023
TPAT Fair Processing Notice 2018
TPAT Fair Processing Policy 2021-2023
TPAT Freedom of Information Policy 2018-2021
TPAT General Data Protection Policy 2021-2023
TPAT Health and Safety Policy 2020-2021
TPAT Parent and Visitor Code of Conduct 2017-2019
TPAT Remote Learning Policy 2020
TPAT SEND Policy 2020