Dear parents and carers,

Welcome to our website – with all sorts of interesting, engaging and constructive activities for you to do at home with your children.

We recognise that there may be times when – even for one day – children have to stay at home in relation to COVID.  This may include waiting for a test or having to isolate for a period of time. 

We know that children across the country have missed out on a lot of education already so it’s really important to us that we continue to provide work promptly!  Obviously, if a child is unwell, we wouldn’t expect them to be doing work – but that’s very different to staying at home with little to do!

From the first day of COVID related absence, we are delighted to provide work.  This might include:

o   Hard copy paper material sent home;

o   Signposting to websites, such as Times Table Rock Starts;

o   Signposting to Oak Academy lessons;

o   Potentially, live streamed lessons from our teachers.

We are happy to offer access to our school laptops via a loan scheme to parents for free, with immediate access (parents would have to sign an acceptable usage policy).

We hope that providing work in this way will support Hillfort children on their education journey!

There’s also a list of agencies who can advise families  – with guidance, financial support and support from social care.  There are people out there who may be able to help!

Dr Tim Cook