Exciting News! Exciting News! Exciting News! Exciting News!

We are moving to Google Classrooms!

This week we are starting to move our home learning onto Google Classrooms.

Don’t worry – we’ll take it step-by-step and you’ll still be able to access everything from our website and from e-mailed links this week. Grab bags will still be provided as a continued part of our home learning offer.

How to create an account and log-in to Google Classrooms.

Monday 25th January – Log in day.

Today, children will set up their accounts. They will need to follow this link – we’ll also send this link via Parent Pay.


Children will need to type in their first name, their surname (as it appears on the register) and their date of birth. This will create a log in e-mail address and a password. Make a note of this accurately. Younger children will definitely need some grown-up help. Once children have generated their login details, they will need to go to our Google Classroom Platform by following this link.


Children will then need to follow the log in process. Be aware, if you already have a Google log in for something (and most of us do), they will probably have to click use different account. Teachers will talk to children about this in their Monday Zoom call.

Tuesday 26th January – Watch the welcome video

Now that all children can log in, we would like them to watch the morning welcome video on Google Classroom. To see the link, they’ll just need to click on   .

This will allow the teacher to see who has logged in and watched and offer support for anyone who is struggling to access it.

Wednesday 27th January – Accessing learning links

Today, all the links to the teaching videos / PowerPoints will be available on Google Classroom. They’ll be easy to find and this will mean children won’t need to access parents’ email addresses to get their links. Again, teachers will support any children who haven’t managed to access these links.

Thursday 28th January – Quiz Time

Today, we’ll ask children to fill in a quiz set by their teacher. In the future, these quizzes will be invaluable in informing teachers how well children have understood their learning but today’s will just be a fun introduction.

Friday 29th January – Upload some work

We’re nearly there. The final step is being able to upload some work for their teacher to see. We’ll talk to children about how to do this in their Zoom this week. We won’t comment on every piece of work but we will get back to you regularly and offer some targeted feedback.

Note: EYFS will continue to use Tapestry. Zoom calls will continue during this week as normal.