Dr T Cook – PE Lead

Here at Hillfort, we believe that children should lead active, healthy lives – with some competition thrown in there for excitement too.  We wish to inspire all children to succeed and excel in competitive sport, to become physically confident and to live healthy lives!

We go about achieving this in a variety of ways.  All classes across the school benefit from use of Real PE.  The Real PE package focuses on the development of agility, balance and coordination, healthy competition and cooperative learning.  Children learn the skills necessary in order to apply themselves successfully, and with stamina, to the sporting environment.

Across the school, children also benefit from a ‘Summer Specialism’.  This allows children to learn a wide range of sports.  The sequence of sports is constructed to get more challenging as the children work their way through the school.

Year GroupSpecialism
4Cricket (including ‘Chance to Shine’)
6Pop Lacrosse

In Key Stage 2, children are taught to swim at the local leisure centre, Lux Park.  This occurs in two year groups (4 and 6) in order to develop the number of children who can swim 25metres confidently and to perform lifesaving skills.

Also in KS2, children are taught Dance in two year groups (3 and 5).  This process is led by the teacher and supported by our Dancer-in-Reisdence, Rob Menaar.

Finally, it should be noted that in KS2 children can sign up for the “Sports Academy”.  This involves a structured programme provided by Hillfort colleagues, Exeter Chiefs RFC, Plymouth Albion RFC and Plymouth Argyle FC.  Children are supported with a bundle of specialist coaching that matches the specialist coaching from the external coaching programme.