Mrs A Hofman – PSHE & SRE Lead

At Liskeard Hillfort we want children leave with the knowledge, understanding and emotions to be able to play an active and positive role in today’s society.

We want our children to have high aspirations, a belief in themselves and realise that anything is possible if they put their mind to it. Our approach aims to develop the qualities and attributes children need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society and the global community.

We have a strong emphasis on emotional literacy, building resilience and nurturing mental and physical health through the delivery of a programme of engaging and relevant PSHE within a whole school approach. We also promote and practise mindfulness allowing children to advance their emotional awareness, concentration and focus.

When children leave Liskeard Hillfort, they will be able to:

• have confidence and respect in sharing their own thoughts and opinions with others.

• have the skills and attributes to keep themselves healthy and safe, in body and mind.

• have an attitude of a responsible global citizen.

• show tolerance of others beliefs, religions and life choices.

• build positive, respectful relationships with other people.

Our RSE teaching benefits from the use of the Christopher Winter Project and the NSPCC. This curriculum has a focus on families, relationships, safeguarding/keeping children safe and additional units on Respect and Equality and FGM. This resource encourages children to develop the skills of listening, empathy, talking about feelings and relationships with families and friends.

In Reception we focus on families and friendships. From Year 1 children will learn the names of the body parts, the differences between males and females and the ways in which they will develop and grow. Importantly, they will also learn to recognise unsafe and risky situations and to ask for help.

The curriculum continues to develop their knowledge and skills as they learn about the physical and emotional changes of puberty and about reproduction.

We aim to enable our children to become healthy, independent and responsible members of society, to provide them with opportunities for them to learn about rights and responsibilities and appreciate what it means to be a member of a diverse society.

Long Term Planning

Hillfort Specific

Embody the school’s values
Kindness, resilience, challenge, courage, aspiration
Cultural isolation
Embracing multiculturalism and fighting the corrosive effects of intolerance.
Closing the vocabulary gap

PSHE Concepts

IdentityPersonal qualities, attitudes, skills, attributes and achievements and what influences these; understanding and maintaining boundaries around their personal privacy, including online.
RelationshipsIncluding different types and in different settings, including online.
Healthy balanced lifestylePhysically and emotionally, within relationships, exercise and rest, spending and saving and lifestyle choices.
Risk and safetyIdentification, assessment and how to manage risk, including behaviour and strategies to employ in different settings, including online.
Diversity…in all its forms.
Valuing and respecting diversity.
ChangeResilience and the skills, strategies and ‘inner resources’ we can draw on when faced with challenging change or circumstance, including bereavement.
Rights(including the notion of universal human rights), responsibilities (including fairness and justice) and consent (in different contexts).
PowerHow it is used and encountered in a variety of contexts including online, how it manifests through behaviours including bullying, persuasion, coercion and how it can be challenged and managed.

PSHE Skills

Understanding self and othersRecognise own and other people’s personality traits, individual preferences and characteristics. Recognise challenging behaviours and the negative effects these can have on relationships.
Working with othersBe able to work with others and demonstrate negotiation and compromise.
Compassion and empathyDemonstrate respectful interactions.
AssertivenessUnderstand the skill of being assertive, say ‘No’ and mean it, speak using ‘I’.
Decision makingKnow how to reach a conclusion or resolution after consideration of issues or facts. Recognise peer influence. Develop strategies for resisting negative peer influence.

Curriculum Maps:

Year 1
3 lessonsGetting to know you.
Likes and dislikes.
Similarities and differences.
Introduce school values, positive behaviours, why they are important.
Create classroom rules.
4 lessonsWe all have feelings.
Good and not so good feelings.
3 lessonsRSE – Growing and caring for ourselves. (3 lessons to be taught in the same week)
4 lessonsPeople who care for us.
Every child a life saver: emergencies calling for help.
6 lessonsCommando Joe – Steve Backshall.
School values.
2 lessonsMedicines and me.
2 lessonsBereavement
2 lessonsNSPCC workshop and time to revisit.
4 lessonsWe are all special and unique.
Prepare and present an anti-bullying assembly.
3 lessonsOnline safety – watching videos.
Year 2
3 lessonsOur class and our rules.
Welcome back to school.
Introduce school values, positive behaviours, why they are important and how they link to school and classroom rules.
4 lessonsRespecting uniqueness.
7 lessonsRSE – Differences: Boys and girls. (3 lessons all to be taught in the same week)
Big feelings.
Keeping our teeth clean.
Washing our hands.
4 lessonsCommunities.
Keep Britain tidy and litter picking.
Looking after our school.
Prepare and present a litter picking assembly.
7 lessonsCommando Joe – Pocahontas.
School values.
6 lessonsSun and Sea safety.
RNLI assembly and follow up work.
Every child a life saver: emergencies calling for help.
2 lessonsNSPCC workshop and time to revisit.
3 lessonsLearning about work and different jobs and careers.
3 lessonsOnline safety – sharing images, sharing personal information and negatives of being online.
Year 3
3 lessonsOur Class.
Welcome back to school.
Introduce school values and positive behaviours.
10 lessonsLooking myself – physical and mental wellbeing.
Every child a life saver: emergencies calling for help and kindness and coping.
RSE – Valuing difference and keeping safe.
8 lessonsCommando Joe – Ed Stafford.
School values.
4 lessonsWorld of work.
Spending and saving money.
6 lessonsRoad safety.
Fire service visit.
Prepare and present a fire and road safety assembly.
3 lessonsEveryday drugs.
4 lessonsEveryday feelings.
Expressing feelings.
3 lessonsRespect.
Being a good friend and respecting others.
Year 4
3 lessonsRules.
Welcome back to school.
Why do we have rules?
Create a set of class rules.
4 lessonsRespectful relationships.
Relationships and the law.
6 lessonsRSE – Growing up.
Everyday safety and basic first aid, asthma and burns.
8 lessonsCommando Joe – Nellie Bly
School values.
6 lessonsWhy do we have rules?
What are human rights?
What is a citizen?
6 lessonsHealthy me – physical and mental wellbeing, nutrition, healthy eating, balanced lifestyle etc.
The importance of turning off devices.
Prepare and present an assembly on how to look after yourself – in body and in mind.
3 lessonsOnline safety – keeping personal information safe and being respectful of others.
3 lessonsChallenging stereotypes
Year 5
3 lessonsQualities of a good classmate.
Welcome back to school.
Solutions to common classroom and playground problems.
Qualities of a good classmate.
8 lessonsCommando Joe – Bear Grylls.
School values.
8 lessonsRSE – Puberty.
The NHS.
What is an illness?
Why do we need medicine and vaccines?
Keeping well.
2 lessonsWhat is bereavement?
6 lessonsBe who you want to be!
4 lessonsLegal and illegal drugs.
Dilemmas and decision making.
6 lessonsMigration.
Cultural diversity in the UK.
3 lessonsOnline safety – Content – Is it safe? Is it trustworthy?
Contact – Is it safe?
Keeping personal information safe and where to go for help.
Year 6
3 lessonsIdentity.
A sense of identity.
8 lessonsCommando Joe – Nancy Wake.
School values.
12 lessonsKeeping safe.
Healthy/unhealthy relationships.
Keeping our bodies safe.
RSE – Puberty and reproduction. FGM.
County lines.
Every child a life saver – basic life support, bleeding, choking and head injuries.
Prepare and present an assembly on basic first aid and what to do in an emergency.
6 lessonsWhat is democracy? – how citizens can influence decision-making through the democratic process.
The role of central government.
-The role of local government
-What happens in Parliament
-How they can participate in our democracy?
What does the rule of law mean?
How laws are made?
2 lessonsSpending decisions.
4 lessonsEmbrace diversity!
Hate crime
2 lessonsHomelessness
2 lessonsClimate change
4 lessonsMental health and keeping well.
Managing challenges and change.
Transition to secondary school.