Hillfort Specific
Books that reflect diverse culture which our children may not be exposed to otherwise including books linked to BAME, age, disability, religion, marriage, difference and LGBTQ+ (including illustrations which reflect children from a variety of backgrounds and cultures).
Books that extend tier 2 vocabulary and seek to close the disadvantaged gap. Some of our children will not have grown up in a book rich home and may not know the stories that might be expected for their age.
Books that elicit a response (curiosity, anger, excitement, laughter, empathy) and provide opportunities for purposeful back and forth talk – oracy.
Books that reflect children’s Cornish roots and others that extend children’s horizons beyond the UK.
Books chosen from the best of what has been – including class and contemporary books – especially award winners and stories by Children’s Laureates.

All schools
Books that extend subject specific vocabulary – especially linked to what children are learning about – including some non-fiction books.
Books that have a strong engaging narrative that will sustain multiple readings.
Books that have rhymes, repetitive phrases etc. which will promote an early love of language.
Books that support children’s learning by providing tacit background knowledge of settings and characters used in RWI books.
Books that provide a diverse range of settings, characters and story types – especially around the topics not explicitly taught which will support children in their future learning (E.g. stories which reflect history, PSHE, RE etc.)

Key – Protected Categories

  • Brown – Age
  • Yellow – Multicultural Tales/Religion
  • Light Blue – LGBTQ+/Gender Reassignment
  • Dark Green – Marriage
  • Grey – BAME
  • Orange – Difference
  • Red – Disability
  • Dark Blue – Cornish

Other Important Categories

  • Purple – Traditional Tales
  • Green – Non Fiction
  • Pink – Poetry

Each of these books will be read at least three times. In Year 2, this leads into our WCR scheme where children also have a copy of the book each (on the third read).

In EYFS, story time takes place five times a day and in KS1, at least once a day.

Autumn 1
Book TitleAuthorCategory
My Princess BoySuzanne DeSimoneLGBTQ+/Gender
Red Rockets and Rainbow JellyNick SharrattPoetry
Shark in the Park/Shark in the Dark/Shark in the Park on a Windy DayNick SharrattPoetry
Dear ZooRod Campbell
Little and BigJudy Hindley
Pirates Love UnderpantsClaire Freedman
The Cat In the HatDr SuessPoetry
What Happened To You?James CatchpoleDisability
So MuchTrish CookeBAME
Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?Bill MartinPoetry
Perfectly NormanTom PercivalLGBTQ+/Gender Reassignment

Autumn 2
Book TitleAuthorCategory
Wow! Said the Owl!Tim Hopgood
Okapi Loves His Zebra PantsTerri TatchellDifference
SupertatoSue Hendra
George and the DragonChris Wormell
Three Billy Goats GruffTraditional TaleTraditional Tales
StickmanJulia Donaldson
Owl BabiesMartin Waddell
The Night PiratesPeter Harris
The Story of Rama and SitaMalachy DoyleMulticultural Tales/Religion
Uncle Bobby’s WeddingSarah S BrannenLGBTQ+/Gender Reassignment
Each Peach Pear PlumAllan and Jane AhlbergPoetry

Spring 1
Book TitleAuthorCategory
Rosie’s WalkPat Hutchins
The Little Red HenTraditional TaleTraditional Tales
Julian is a MermaidJessica LoveLGBTQ+/Gender Reassignment
The Too Tall GiraffeChristine MaierDifference
The Tiny SeedEric Carle
Oliver’s VegetablesAlison Bartlett, Vivian French
Jack and the BeanstalkTraditional TaleTraditional Tales
Jabari JumpsGaia CornwallBAME
Would You RatherJohn Burningham
The Very Hungry CaterpillarEric Carle
The Sand HorseAnn TurnbullCornish

Spring 2
Book TitleAuthorCategory
Little Rabbit Foo FooMichael RosenPoetry
Sharing a ShellJulia Donaldson
The Pig in the PondMartin WaddellAge
No Longer AloneJoseph CoelhoBAME
What the Ladybird HeardJulia DonaldsonPoetry
How to Look After Your DinosaurJason Cockcroft
Poo in the ZooSteve Smallman
ElmerDavid McKeeDifference
The Smeds and the SmoosJulia Donaldson
Handa’s Noisy NightEileen BrowneBAME
Farmer DuckMartin Waddell

Summer 1
Book TitleAuthorCategory
The GruffaloJulia Donaldson
Goldilocks and the Three BearsTraditional TaleTraditional Tales
The Three Little PigsTraditional TaleTraditional Tales
The Three Horrid Pigs and the Big Friendly WolfLiz Pichon
Handa’s SurpriseEileen BrowneBAME
The Tiger Who Came to TeaJudith Kerr
Dear GreenpeaceSimon James
The Kiss That MissedDavid Melling
We Completely Must Go to LondonLauren Childs
The Ghanaian GoldilocksDr Tamara PizzoliBAME
FunnybonesJanet and Allen Ahlberg

Summer 2
Book TitleAuthorCategory
Lost and FoundOliver Jeffers
We’re Going on a Bear HuntMichael Rosen
Whatever Next!Jill Murphy
The Journey HomeFran Preston-Gannon
Man On the MoonSimon Bartram
Little Red Riding HoodTraditional TaleTraditional Tales
Dinosaurs and All That RubbishGeorge Foreman
Where the Wild Things AreMaurice Sendak
Through the Magic MirrorAnthony Browne
Little Red and the Very Hungry LionsAlex T Smith
Zoom!Trish CookeBAME

Autumn 1
Rabbit’s Bad HabitsJulian Gough
On the Way HomeJill Murphy
The Four Fox ClubsPunjabi TaleMulticultural Tales/Religion
Grandad’s CamperHarry WoodgateAge
The Magic Porridge PotTraditional TaleTraditional Tales
The First Book of the PlanetsBruce BettsNon Fiction
Look UpNathan BryonBAME
Fabulous FrankieSimon James GreenLGBTQ+/Gender Reassignment
Stanley’s StickJohn Hegley
Can’t You Sleep Little Bear?Martin Waddell

Autumn 2
Book TitleAuthorCategory
Where’s My Teddy?Jez Alborough
A Squash and a SqueezeJulia DonaldsonAge
Little Robin Red VestJan Fearnley
Why the Sun and the Moon Live in the SkyNigerian TaleMulticultural Tales/Religion
The Hare and the TortoiseAesop’s Fable
Sleeping BeautyTraditional TaleTraditional Tales
It’s Ok to be DifferentTodd ParrDifference
All Are WelcomeAlexandra PenfoldBAME
Whiffy WilsonCaryl Hart and Leoni Lord
I Will Not Ever Eat a TomatoLauren Child

Spring 1
We’re Going to Find the MonsterMalorie BlackmanBAME
SuperwormJulia Donaldson
Somebody Swallowed StanleySarah Roberts
Grandad’s Secret GiantDavid LitchfieldAge
Nature TrailBenjamin ZephaniahBAME
The King with Donkey EarsSomali TaleMulticultural Tales/Religion
The Ugly DucklingTraditional TaleTraditional Tales
Commotion in the OceanGiles AndreaeNon-Fiction
What Happened to You?James CatchpoleDisability
Some Dogs DoJez Alborough

Spring 2
Book TitleAuthorCategory
Grandma BirdBenji DaviesAge
The Snail and the WhaleJulia Donaldson
The InvisibleTom Percival
Peace at LastJill Murphy
A Great Big CuddleMichael RosenPoetry
The Gingerbread ManTraditional TaleTraditional Tales
The Lion and the BeetleSouth African TaleMulticultural Tales/Religion
Clean UpNathan BryonBAME
Pirate MumsJodie Lancet-GrantLGBTQ+/Gender Reassignment
Hairy Maclary From Donaldson’s DairyLynley Dodd

Summer 1
Book TitleAuthorCategory
The Mermaid of ZennorCharles CausleyCornish
Look Inside a FarmKatie DaynesNon-Fiction
The Storm WhaleBenji Davies
Smartest Giant in TownJulia Donaldson
Oi FrogKes Gray
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a FlyPam AdamsAge
Giraffes Can’t DanceGiles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees
RumplestiltskinTraditional TaleTraditional Tales
Lakshmi and the Clever WasherwomanHindu TaleMulticultural Tales/Religion
Hair LoveMatthew A CherryBAME

Summer 2
Book TitleAuthorCategory
SnoreMichael Rosen
The Lighthouse Keeper’s LunchDavid Armitage and Ronda ArmitageAge
The True Story of the Three Little PigsJon Scieszka
ShineForelle BohiBAME
The Sea SawTom Percival
The First Book of the SeaNicola DaviesPoetry
The Enormous TurnipTraditional TaleTraditional Tales
The Rainbow FishMarcus Pfister
The Littlest YakSu Fraser and Kate HindleyDifference
Tiddalick the FrogAboriginal TaleMulticultural Tales/Religion

Autumn 1
Book TitleAuthorCategory
The Trouble with DragonsDebi Gliori
Jim and the BeanstalkRaymond BriggsAge
Mr Wolf’s PancakesJan Fearnley
George and the DragonChris Wormell
Six Dinner SidInga MooreAge
Tell Me a DragonJackie MorrisPoetry
There’s a Lion in the LibraryDave Skinner
Hansel and GretelTraditional TaleTraditional Tales
Coming To EnglandFloella BenjaminBAME
The Great Big Book of FamiliesMay HoffmanLGBTQ+/Gender Reassignment

Autumn 2
Jacob’s New DressSarah HoffmanBAME
The Night Before ChristmasClement Clarke MoorePoetry
Treasure From the SeaLisa Woollett and Sarah McCartneyNon-Fiction
The Owl Who Was Afraid of the DarkJill Tomlinson
Greta and the GiantsZoe Tucker and Zoe Persigo
It’s OK to be DifferentSharon PurtillDifference
Can You Catch a Mermaid?Jane Ray
Snow White and the Seven DwarfsTraditional TaleTraditional Tales
Emily Brown and the ThingCressida Cowell
The Wolf, The Duck and The MouseMac Barnett

Spring 1
Book TitleAuthorCategory
The Worst WitchJill Murphy
The Ginseng FairyChinese TaleMulticultural Tales/Religion
The Disgusting SandwichGareth Edwards
The Garden GiantFiona RossCornish
Walk with a WolfJanni HowkerNon-Fiction
The Proudest BlueAbtihaj MuhammedBAME
Katie in LondonJames Mayhew
The Elves and the ShoemakerTraditional TaleTraditional Tales
Gordon’s Got a SnookieWayne Harris and Lisa Shannahan
The Fox and the GrapesAesop’s Fable

Spring 2
Book TitleAuthorCategory
Why Anansi Has Eight Skinny LegsGhanaian TaleMulticultural Tales/Religion
The TrollJulia Donaldson
Mudpuddle FarmMichael Morpugo
Freedom We SingAmyra LeonBAME
The SnatchabookHelen and Thomas Docherty
Another Very First Poetry BookJohn L FosterPoetry
Peter and the WolfIan BeckAge
AmazingSteve AnthonyDisability
Baby BrainsSimon James
FleabagHelen Stevens

Summer 1
Sophie’s SnailDick King Smith
The Puffin Book of Fantastic First PoemsJune CrebbinPoetry
The Way Home for WolfRachel Bright
How the Old Woman Got Her WishIndianAge
FreeSimon UsherAge
Winnie the WitchValerie Thomas and Korky Paul
It Starts With a SeedLaura KnowlesNon-Fiction
The Sea MonsterChristopher WormellAge
The Princess and the PeaTraditional TaleTraditional Tales
The Sandwich SwapKelly DipucchioBAME

Summer 2
Book TitleAuthorCategory
Jack and the Baked BeanstalkColin StimpsonAge
The Enormous CrocodileRoald Dahl
What the Animals SawLouise GriegNon-Fiction
Sally and the LimpetSimon James
The GirlsLauren AceDifference
The BoysLauran AceDifference
A First Poetry BookPie Corbett and Gabby MorganPoetry
Counting on KatherineMalorie BlackmanBAME
Mrs Armitage on WheelsQuentin BlakeAge
Once Upon a Wild WoodChris Riddell