Our beliefs:

Our curriculum is exciting and draws from the best of what has been. It is knowledge-engaged and broad and balanced. We understand the importance of ensuring our children are not offered a narrowed curriculum. Our curriculum is ambitious for all our pupils including those with SEND and the most disadvantaged. We have a key role in addressing social disadvantage and ensuring our children have the very best chance of future success and happiness. Our curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced to be age appropriate whilst ensuring the horizontal and vertical progression of skills and knowledge within and between units. Our curriculum is designed to be ambitious for our SEND pupils whilst ensuring it is adapted to develop knowledge, skills and ability with increasing fluency and independence.

If you would like to look at how we adapt our curriculum for our own context, across our subjects and Key Stages, please do look at our curriculum documents below.

Topics 2019-2020

Overview of the Primary Curriculum

The Curriculum Explained

Mathematics Intent Statement 2019

Reading Intent Statement 2019